Sato-Dice Review At first glance

Sato-Dice might appear to be just another dice site, but it does have some features of its own worth paying attention to. Keep reading this review to see what this site has to offer.

It seems that Sato-Dice drew some inspiration from Just-Dice and added a twist of its own. The site has a 1% house edge, instant provably fair dice rolls, and everything else you would expect from an “off-chain” dice game.
You play by entering the amount of BTC you want to bet, and then selecting the chance to win. The payout will automatically adjust accordingly. Once you’re ready to roll the dice, click “roll hi” or “roll lo” depending on what you think the resulting number will be.


It also has an investment feature where users are able to add to the site’s bankroll and “be the house”. This is much more convenient than purchasing stocks on an exchange like Havelock Securities.
Users are able to invest any amount upwards of 0.001 BTC. 10% of all profits are kept by the site owner, and the remaining 90% is distributing among all investors.


One of the most interesting features offered by Sato-Dice is a jackpot which has a constantly increasing prize. A winner is selected randomly every Friday to receive the jackpot. To participate, you will need to have at least 0.01 BTC in your account and make multiple bets during the week. You will then have your User ID be automatically added to the list of potential winners.

Free Bitcoin contest

Let’s admit it — faucets are boring. Sure, you’ll get a few satoshis every once in a while, but it doesn’t add up to much. Sato-Dice is currently holding a weekly contest where the top three players will receive a much larger sum of Bitcons.
To enter the competition, visit the Sato-Dice website and click on the tab labelled “FREE Bitcoin for the best player”. At the bottom of the page, click on the button marked “Participate in a contest”.

A new account with 0.01 BTC play money will be generated for you. The goal of the competition is to have the highest bankroll by the end of the week. However, there’s a twist: you have to do so in less than 50 rolls.

The prizes are as follows:

  1. 1st place: 0.5 BTC
  2. 2nd place: 0.1 BTC
  3. 3rd place: 0.01 BTC

You can see a live list of all your opponents and their balances on the site. If you end up winning, you will need to contact the site’s administration via email to have your BTC added to your account.
Note that the 0.01 BTC you start with in the contest isn’t real, and cannot be withdrawn.

Sato-Dice might look like another clone, but it really isn’t. It has some pretty neat features that are worth checking out!

Customer Support
Financial Security
Player Traffic
Free BTC Contest
Weekly jackpot
Accepts investments
Design could use some work
Some content is copied from other sites
3.8 Overall Score
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