Peerbet Review is a Bitcoin gambling website operated by the same company that runs Bit777

Currently offered are raffles, dice, and wheel games.
Unlike some sites which allow deposits and betting without registration, Peerbet does require an account. The sign-up process itself is very quick and shouldn’t deter anyone from gambling. When depositing, a unique address is generated for the player. Payments are accepted using 7 different cryptocurrencies.

By clicking the “Casino” button in the header, you are taken to the Bit777 website. Alhough accounts are shared, you do have to transfer funds between the 2 websites. This can easily be done using “Transfer Coins” in your account settings.

Peerbet offers many games, but the raffles are the most unique.

The concept very simple and straightforward. Each player buys as many tickets as they like, a ticket is drawn, and the holder of the winning ticket wins the prize pool.
Players can create their own raffles with any entry fee and amount of tickets they like, up to 10 million. There is also an option to limit how many tickets an individual player may buy. What makes the raffles so unique is the fact that no fees are charged. All Bitcoins used to purchase tickets go directly to the winner with no house edge at all. Also worth noting is the provably fair raffle feature. If it is enabled, the result will be generated using data from the blockchain. Players may have to wait some time after a raffle has ended to see who won. Instant raffles, which aren’t mathematically fair, are also offered for those who are less patient.

Also available are wheel and dice games that are provably fair and have fairly low house edges (3.2% and 1% respectively).

If you’ve played on sites like Satoshi Circle and Just-Dice before, then you will be able to get a hang of these games easily. An automatic dice betting bot called ROBO is offered, allowing players to make many bets in a short amount of time.

You usually won’t find many big bets taking place on Peerbet. Many raffles have a very low entry fee, making them affordable even for cash-strapped newbies. Free credit coupons are distributed often on faucet websites, such as Daily Bitcoins. Also, you can earn BTC through promotions held on the Bitcoin forum.

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