Nitrogen Sports: two engineers set out to revolutionize how the world bets on sports James and Jacob love technology

They were always trying out the latest web tools, programming not only at their day jobs but also in their spare time, constantly trying to create something new that people would love and use.

With a sharp knowledge of gambling to back up their technical creativity, they soon found themselves looking closer at an industry that had lacked innovation during the “revolution” of the web. With the goal of delivering a unique, interactive interface for sports betting, Nitrogen Sports was launched in 2012.

Although their initial foray into the world of fiat sportsbooks was a success, they were focused on the future of technology and gambling. It became clear to them that online gambling would hugely benefit from embracing bitcoin.

From a bettor’s perspective, the benefits were obvious: instant transactions, no transaction costs, anonymity and security. If you told a sports bettor three years ago that they could have their entire balance back in their hands at the end of each night, they wouldn’t believe you; bitcoin allows for this.

They also saw huge advantages for a bookmaker; for one, transactions are irreversible.

Additionally, a large amount of a fiat currency book’s overhead is payment processing. This also eats up a large percentage of their profit. With low transaction costs, bitcoin is the perfect match.

Adopting bitcoin wasn’t just a choice, it became the entire direction for Nitrogen Sports. They immediately started to build a bitcoin-based sportsbook and Nitrogen is now a clear leader in the space.

Their original vision was to create a social experience – a space where bettors could interact with each other. Bitcoin allows us to offer the best of both worlds: anonymity and socialization. Many bettors at Nitrogen are very active in the chat feature, post betslips on Twitter, and share betting strategies, picks, etc. They can do this under a pseudonym and never have to share any personal information with others.

Ntirogen’s success hasn’t just been due to innovation.

They’ve been able to maintain their strong reputation by offering outstanding customer service to all members. By topping that off with a great product, competitive odds, and best-in-class security, you won’t find a better bitcoin sportsbook on the net.

One thing that they’ve always done is listen to our members. Typically the biggest “wants” are larger limits and better odds. That’s why the team has taken on their next project: the Nitrogen Sports Exchange. The Exchange features no limits on wagers and the ability for users to set their own odds. Since the markets are kept open during the matches, it also means that bettors get 100% live in-play odds with no downtime or breaks. They’re still testing, which means the Exchange currently only has a small number of offerings, but Nitrogen continues to add more features every day.
Looking ahead, the team is excited about the future of bitcoin, both as it features in the gambling world, and as its own entity. With cryptocurrency still in its infancy, Nitrogen Sports looks forward to seeing how things develop over the coming year and beyond.

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