Nitrogen Sports Review

Nitrogen Sports has an intriguing design and a wonderful anonymous aspect to it that is unparalleled in the online sports gambling business.  They offer competitive lines and spreads and carry a variety of games that are frequently updated.  Furthermore, Nitrogen Sports on provides excellent customer service for anyone experiencing problems with their site.  Although it has been a victim of DDoS attacks a couple of times in the past few months, the site has never been down for more than a few hours and they keep the public as informed as they can during the process.

When you first go to the website you are given a private address that serves as your log-in and username.  You must keep this safe as it directly is linked to your account!

You can then deposit the desired amount of Bitcoin and begin gambling away.  The minimum amount required is 0.001BTC (or 1mBTC) and you can do up to 10 team parlays across as many sports as you desire.

The anonymity of gambling on the site gives it a very safe yet professional feel.  There are not many other sports betting sites to my knowledge that allow you to gamble without creating an account with their site.  That is one of the sexiest features of Nitrogen Sports and the reason that I prefer them over the other sites that you can use.  After all, if you are using the site to bet with Bitcoins in a country where sports betting is difficult (such as the USA) then being anonymous should be at the forefront of your “wish list” for a gambling site.  That being said, there are a couple of downsides and features that you will not get with this site that you could find on other places on the internet.

There are alternative websites that allow you to adjust the spread on games and also allow betting by various intervals.

For example, some sites will allow you to take a -3 point spread or adjust it however you want so that you can bet -5 or -7 if you have stronger feelings for the game than the odds makers.  Doing so will increase your payout for the bets, and thus will give you a wider variety of choices on parlays and betting strategies.  While Nitrogen Sports does offer 1st and 2nd half betting lines on the majority of USA sports, it does not offer any further breakdowns or adjustable spreads.  You cannot place a bet on each quarter of the game like on other sites.  Another downside is that if you are planning on betting on Soccer (Football for you non-Americans) then you had better know which league the team is playing in.

The Soccer section has a ton of leagues and even if there are no games for that particular league for a couple of weeks, they are still listed.  I have suggested reworking this to Ryan (their representative on Bitcointalk) and it is something they are working on for NitrogenSports v2 which will be coming soon.

All in all, the layout is easy to use, you can bet after zero confirmations from a deposit, and the payout is automatic and completely anonymous. 

The downsides are far outweighed by the ingenuity of the site and this remains a top choice for anyone who wants to do sports gambling with Bitcoins.  As always gamble at your own risk! You can find our complete guide here for more books.

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Nitrogen Sports is undoubtedly one of the best Bitcoin sportsbooks. It has many betting options, and a beautiful design.
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